Worth the Detour

I used to keep a travel journal. But, when I started making fewer and fewer “exotic” trips, and my obsessive neatness started to take over all aspects of my life, it became more difficult to keep it up. Instead, entering my many trip notes into my journal became one of my eternal projects, destined to remain forever in my project basket.

It occurred to me recently that a great way to tackle that pile would be with a blog. That way, I could do it piecemeal, which would be a great way to organize and label recommendations for later reference anyway. Also, I can keep the content separate from my Sly Wit blog, where I really want to keep the focus on culture.

I’ll cover trips as I make them, starting with my recent trip down the California coast, but also go back and write up previous adventures, with a focus on road trips, especially those involving U.S. National Parks and National Monuments.

As the title indicates, I really want this space to be less about entire trips and more about specific things to do and places to stay that are worth the detour. Going forward, I welcome comments and your own travel recommendations about stops along the way.


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