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Sacramento’s Old City Cemetery

If you happen to find yourself in Sacramento with some time on your hands, I highly recommend taking a stroll through the Old City Cemetery. While the thought of touring a cemetery may seem odd, I assure you that this one is worth the detour. We were there on a Sunday and the site was teeming with workers, primarily gardeners. I soon understood why—the place was filled with flowers and plants of all varieties. While famous denizens include John Sutter, Jr. (founder of Sacramento), railroad magnate Mark Hopkins, William Hamilton (youngest son of Alexander Hamilton), and art collector E. B. Crocker, it was mostly the statuary on lesser-known graves that caught my eye. And the flowers, my god, the flowers.

Sacramento_Old City Cemetery 01

Sacramento_Old City Cemetery 02

Sacramento_Old City Cemetery 03

Sacramento_Old City Cemetery 04

Sacramento_Old City Cemetery 05

Seriously, I like historic cemeteries in general, but even putting that aside, this is one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever been in.

Sacramento_Old City Cemetery 06